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Forbes Reality brings you a judicious selection of luxury properties across Modern Hyderabad.

Walkthrough the umpteen choices of residential properties whittled in palatial and contemporary designs by leading developers/architects from around the globe.

Luxury is how we define it! Revamp your lifestyle by choosing to live exceptionally.

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Awaiting is outdated! When your much-coveted home is right around the corner, let’s not procrastinate till it’s sold out!

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The demand for resale properties has rapidly grown in the past few years, and with the current market scenario, it is likely to go up further! Therefore, Forbes Reality lays out its top selection of residences.

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A variety irresistible to the minds! Forbes Reality lists the under-construction projects from leading developers across the country. Invest at the right time and reserve your dream home

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We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types. Click on the property types of interest below to find and compare options, and to contact a broker who can help get you started.

Expatriate Management City Outlook, Relocation Services

Orientation Day

Very useful day upstream to offer to expatriates who hesitate about their place of residence for example or who have not yet accepted expatriation

  • Reception by the consultant, delivery of a welcome pack, information on practical life (review of the Relocation book)
  • Selection and visits of 3-4 accommodations
  • Orientation in the city: main districts, local shops, leisure activities, and other centers of interest
  • Discussion on the educational choices of the family and the location of the schools concerned (visits organized as needed)

Housing Search

Depending on your budget, you can choose all or some of the services listed below, you can also add a research day

  • Establishment of contact with the expatriate (explanation of our assistance and sending of the questionnaire). Sending the relocation Book
  • Real estate research focused on the needs of the expatriate employee (questionnaire and telephone interview)
  • Reception by the consultant and delivery of a welcome pack
  • Information on the different stages for renting accommodation (review of the Relocation book)
  • Selection and visits of accommodation (6 to 8 accommodation over one day)
  • Reservation, verification of the lease and negotiation of amounts due (rent, security deposit and agency fees), coordination of the signing of the lease
  • Assistance with purchasing home insurance
  • Inventory of entry points and inventory with assistance from the consultant
  • Implementation of contracts related to housing: water, gas, electricity, internet, maintenance contract

Temporary Residence

Our goal is to reduce the period of temporary accommodation to lower costs

  • Needs assessment and advice
  • Search and preselection of up to 3 accommodations
  • Transmission of the list of accommodation to the employee and/or HR (with photos if possible)
  • Reservation of the selected accommodation
  • Verification and monitoring of the implementation of the contract
  • Coordination of the implementation of optional services (cleaning, laundry, etc.)
  • Organization of the key collection
  • 1 visit included where possible and/or 1 inventory